The Problem in Seville

Every police officer in Seville hears the same comments over and over again every year. "This is Seville, nothing ever happens here." True, Seville has not had the same type of problems associated with many other villages and cities. Still, the problem here is increasing.

One factor in this increase is that people simply don't realize that the village has changed over the years. That as the county has grown and as Wadsworth, Medina and Brunswick grow, so will the crime problem in our area. A rural area with easy access to the interstate system and near a county border makes Seville an ideal area for criminals.

Local Crime Changes
In 1991 and 1992, the Seville Police Department averaged 3,044 complaints. In 1998 the police department handled 5033 complaints. One important fact to keep in mind when looking at these numbers is that the FBI estimates that only 1/3 of all criminal activity is ever reported to the police. This means that the actual crime rate in your neighborhood might actually be 3 times higher than what is reported!

The greatest problems thus far in Seville continue to be vandalism and thefts. While it is true that the problem is not as great as in other Villages, the problem is certainly increasing. Youngsters with no place to go often occupy their time in mischievous ways, and the current year has been no exception. Mailboxes have been vandalized, houses and cars have been egged, property has been spray-painted and numerous items have been reported as stolen.