What is a Neighborhood Watch?

The neighborhood watch program is a network of neighbors who make a commitment to each other to watch over each other's property. By organizing an entire neighborhood, it is possible to reduce the amount of crime in that neighborhood, often by huge percentages.

Some neighborhood watch programs consist simply of a couple of neighbors who agree to watch over each others' property when the other is out of town. Others involve monthly meetings and roving citizen patrols. The best program however, is the one that works in our community. Neighborhood watch programs are the eyes and the ears of the police department. By training citizens to watch for certain criminal activities, it is possible to put great pressure on the criminals in a given area. Most criminals that we will deal with in Seville are amateurs looking for targets of opportunity. Remember, criminals are counting on the fact that most people simply won't get involved!

Why Participate?
Why should I participate in a neighborhood watch program? The answers are many and varied. Past victims of crimes are the first to join such programs. They have learned from experience that being a victim often means much more than just a financial loss, even though some losses may be significant. The key to any such program is preventing the crime from occurring in the first place. Others have recognized that their investment in a neighborhood watch program can payoff in increased property values as well. One of the most common questions asked by prospective home-buyers is "What is the crime rate here." Still, the most rewarding prospect of a neighborhood watch program is the simple feeling of security, and of knowing that other people are watching out for your belongings and your family.