Block Captains

The exchange of information that occurs between the citizens of a neighborhood and the police department is not a 1 way street. The police department has a lot of information to pass on to you and your neighbors as well.

For instance, if 2 men in a black Ford truck with an orange camper top have victimized the neighborhood on the other side of town, it would be wise to alert you and your neighbors of this fact. That way, when you are coming home with a late night pizza and notice a truck of that type in your neighbor's driveway, you would have some idea as to what was going on.

What is a Block Captain
This is where the Block Captain becomes involved. The police department has limited resources and time. It would be impossible for an officer to contact each of you by phone and to explain about the truck and the problems associated with it. By having a Block Captain assigned to every 10 houses or so, this information could be disseminated quickly and efficiently.

A Block Captain is simply a leader in your community who agrees to work with the police department in getting vital information to you. Each Block Captain would be assigned a certain number of homes near him whom he would call with information passed on by the police department.

In our example, the police department could call 10 Block Captains and advise them of the strange truck and of the problem in the area. The Block Captain would then simply call his 10 neighbors and tell them that the police department just called and said that another neighborhood has had 3 burglaries where a black Ford truck with an orange camper top was seen in the area. By placing only 10 calls to key people, the police department has been able to alert 110 households about a potential problem!

Police Department Goals
This same method works for the dissemination of printed material as well. It is the goal of the police department to keep each neighbor informed of the events elsewhere in the Village by the publication of a quarterly news bulletin. This information can only be passed out with the cooperation of the leaders in your neighborhood. If you are serious about wanting to eliminate the crime in your neighborhood, contact the police department about becoming a Block Captain.