The neighborhood watch program operates to educate its participants in the principles of deterrence, delay, and detection. The program depends upon a communication network organized with 3 levels of participation: the resident, the Block Captain and the police department. Vigilante actions are not condoned or expected. No one is asked to take personal risks or to be a hero.

Program Goals
The goal of the neighborhood watch program is to give potential criminals the feeling that everyone in the community is watching every move they make! Thieves know that a neighborhood participating in such a program is nothing but trouble for them, even when those thieves are professionals.

You need not be home constantly or be "on guard" on your property. Simply report any suspicious or unusual activity to the police immediately. It's as simple as that. Remember that the only crime that will be committed in your neighborhood is what you and your neighbors will tolerate! Well-organized and close-knit neighborhoods experience much less crime and other related problems.

The neighborhood watch program operates on the idea that the best crime prevention device ever invented is a good neighbor. If you call when you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, be aware of crime and its effects, and practice good security habits, your chances of ever becoming a victim of a crime in your neighborhood become less and less.