Why Seville

The Village of Seville features a property tax abatement of up to 50% for new construction (15 years) and renovations (12 years).

For adult workforce training, employers can tap the Medina County University Center located 12 minutes north from the Village of Seville.

The Medina County Port Authority recently completed a 151-mile fiber optic network which is routed throughout Seville’s industrial park; this publicly owned broadband resource provides its users with significant cost savings. 

The Village of Seville’s business base is diverse, featuring major manufacturers such as Atlantic Tool & Die and Blair Rubber, as well as distribution headquarters for North Gateway Tire.

Medina County’s growth can be attributed to its excellent local education system, where each of our 7 school districts routinely enjoy top rankings from the State.

Approximately 18% of all paid employees in Medina County work in manufacturing, which accounts for 23% of payroll in the county.

Communities in Medina County are known for their quality of life designations, including Money magazine’s “Top 100 Places to Live” and Ohio Magazine’s “Best Hometown in Ohio.”

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