Mound Hill Cemetery Rules & Regulations


As required by Ohio Revised Code 517.06



Guilford Township, Ohio

These rules and regulations are designed for the protection of owners of internment and/or inurnment rights as a group. They are intended, not as restraining, but rather to promote consideration for all. Their enforcement will help protect the Cemetery and preserve its beauty. All owners of interment or inurnment right, visitors and contractors performing work within the Cemetery shall be subject to these rules and regulations, amendments, or alterations as shall be adopted by Guilford Township from time to time, hereby superseding any or all previous Rules and Regulations. These regulations shall apply to both Mound Hill Cemetery and River Styx Cemetery unless noted.


“Cemetery” shall mean the land and improvements thereon.

“Owner” shall mean the owner of rights of interment or inurnment.

“Interment” shall mean burial of the remains of a deceased human being.

“inurnment” shall mean the burial of cremated human remains.

“Memorial or Monument” shall mean any marker placed upon any lot for the purpose of identification or in memory of the interred.

“Burial Vault” shall mean an outside burial container as specified by the cemetery to incase human remains.

“Contractors” shall mean any person, firm, or corporation or anyone other than an employee of the Township Cemetery engaged in placing, erecting, or repairing any memorial or monument, and performing any work on the cemetery grounds.

“Sexton” shall mean the individual employed by the Township who manages the affairs of the cemetery.


Open daily for visitation or tending of gravesites from dawn to dusk. No trespassing is permitted from dusk to dawn.


Cemetery policies are conspicuously posted and readily visible to the public.

Pets are permitted in the cemetery but must be on a leash. Owner/Handler is responsible for clean up prior to leaving the cemetery.

Decorations, annual and/or perennial plantings may be placed within 18” of the memorial. They will be removed when they become unsightly or when it becomes necessary to facilitate cemetery operations. All winter decorations must be removed by April 1st. Summer decorations must be removed by October 15th.

Breakable objects, glass containers, granite or marble chips are not permitted.

No enclosure of any kind, such as a fence, coping, hedge or ditch, shall be permitted around any grave or lot.

Grave mounds shall not be permitted, and no lot shall be raised above the established grade.


The Cemetery/Guilford Township reserves the right to the following:

• To compel all persons coming into the Cemetery to obey all rules and regulations adopted by the Cemetery. These rules and regulations may be changed by the Cemetery, without notice to any owner of interment or inurnment rights.

• To correct any errors made to interments, dis-interments, dis-inurnments, removals, inscriptions, transfers, or conveyance of ownership. Upon correction, no further liability shall exist against the cemetery or the Guilford Township Trustees.

• Substitute, in the event an error is made, other interment or inurnment rights of equal value and similar location as may be selected by the Sexton, or in the sole discretion of Guilford Township, refund the amount paid to the account of said purchaser.

• Remove and transfer, in the event an error is made, any remains interred in error to such other property of equal value and similar location as may be substituted and conveyed in lieu thereof.

• Modify the boundaries or grading of the Cemetery on a lot or grave as needed. This includes the right to change the location of any part thereof, and also to remove or re=grade walks or pathways, lay, maintain, operate, alter or change pipe lines or gutters for sprinkling systems, drainage, or wires not sold to individual owners, for cemetery purposes.

• To remove any dead or damaged tree, shrub or vine, or any planting that is deemed dangerous or detrimental to the normal operation of the Cemetery.

• Prohibit touching, scraping, rubbing, or spraying of liquids on the memorials or monuments as these can be disturbing to family members. All visitors are asked to please refrain from suck actions out of respect for the families of the deceased.

• To remove, change, or correct at the owner’s expense, inscriptions or objects placed on memorials, monuments, or other structures if determined to be offensive or inappropriate by the Sexton or the Guilford Township Trustees.

The Cemetery shall not be responsible or held liable for damage from causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, the elements, acts of God, thieves, vandals, etc.

A family representative is encouraged to meet with the Sexton the day prior to a funeral to confirm lot location and placement.

A licensed funeral director shall be present when a body in interred.

No interment or inurnment shall be made unless the opening and closing fee for such grave has been paid in advance.

No interment may take place at the Cemetery unless a burial permit for the deceased has first been presented to the Cemetery. The Cemetery will comply with the provisions of Section 3705.17 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Cemetery reserves the right to schedule interment or inurnment services according to the Cemetery’s availability of service times and needs.

There shall be no burials after 3:00 p.m.

There shall be no burials on Sundays or federal holidays. Saturday burials are permitted at an extra charge according to current rate schedule.

The Cemetery reserves the right to hold the interment or inurnment service at the chapel according to current weather conditions.


Purchasing a lot extends to the owner the right of interment/inurnment in that plot but is not considered a transfer of real estate ownership. All interment/inurnment rights are sold subject to payment of the amount established by the Cemetery. All interment/inurnment rights shall be fully paid prior to their use.

No lot shall be re-sold to Guilford Township.

No grave space shall contain more than two urns of cremated remains or one urn and one body. Exceptions may be made for infant burials on a case by case basis.


Burial vaults are required in Mound Hill Cemetery. Due to lot sizes and inconsistencies with previous burials, steel vaults are required in Sections 1 through 4 at Mound Hill. The Cemetery shall not be responsible for any additional costs associated with steel vaults.

Green burials and burials without a vault may be permitted at River Styx Cemetery with prior approval by the Cemetery. Green burials and burials without a concrete or steel vault shall not be permitted at Mound Hill Cemetery.


Monument foundations will generally be poured twice a year, in April and October, weather permitting.

Payment must be made in full, according to current rates, prior to the pouring of any foundation.

The Cemetery is not responsible for foundations out of plumb due to weather events, normal ground movement, etc.

There shall be no more than one headstone and one footstone per lot.


No family member may be present during a disinterment.

Application for disinterment or disinurnment must comply with the provisions of section 517.23 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The requesting party is responsible for all costs associated with the disinterment and relocation of a body, including, but not limited to: opening and closing fees, costs associated with removal of a vault, and the cost for a vault should it be required for re-interment.

Revised: 10 April 2018