Parks & Streets

The size of the Village of Seville is approximately 1,667 acres. Our parks showcase our grit and each season remind us that we are always evolving and changing. We have put time and effort into making sure we have a space to enjoy for years to come. Look at a space and reimage it to its best potential, that what we are working to do. Within 1,667 acres there are six (6) parks which include Cy Hewit, Tisher, Memorial, Freeman, Maria Stanhope, Leohr and the latest expansion of the Trail at Hazelwood. We have approximately 81 acres of parks and trails including 1 ¼ mile paved trail and boardwalk, 1 mile natural/gravel trail, ¾ mile new construction of a trail. Each park brings something new to the community whether it be a passive style park for strolling and fishing, a park that welcomes youth sports teams to play on, playground equipment for entertainment, or downtown parks that are the perfect place to stop during your visit.
Our Parks and Streets department focus on what we have and how we can use our resources available to continue making new trails. For example, many of the trails are constructed with repurposed items that have been ground up and buying only items necessary to complete the task at hand. Our goal is to have a walkable small town feel with both sidewalks and interconnected trails. Another example would be removal of hundreds of dead trees that were affected by the Emerald Ash borer and replanted over 200 trees to replace the loss. We have reimagined what a retention basin with overgrown vegetation could be by planting aquatic plants and constructing a walking path over it. We encourage native plants and pollinators with designated pollinator areas within parks and a careful selection of seeds and plants.

Parks & Streets Superintendent:
Jon Sobczak
(330) 975-4172

Important Parks & Streets Information:

Looking for pavilion rental information? CALL (330) 769-4146

Pursuant to Ordinance 2023-17, Public Park and Recreation Rules and Regulations, Section 17

  • There shall be a charge for an exclusive reservation of a pavilion in the amount of Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) for village residents.
  • There shall be a charge for an exclusive reservation of a pavilion in the amount of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) for non-village residents.
  • The charge for exclusive reservation of a pavilion shall be non-refundable.