Pavilion Reservations

Availability Calendar – All Pavilions

RATES: $25 (Resident) / $100 Non-resident


Reservations are accepted when requested within the same calendar year as the reservation date.  Unfortunately, we do not accept requests for future years.

The pavilions are available during park hours between 6 AM and dusk.  

No, reservations are non-refundable.

We will respond to your request promptly.  Please allow two (2) business days for a call or email to follow up with your request.  Please note: All reservation requests are pending until both approval and payment-in-full are received. Reservations are handled on a first come first serve basis.

No, only Village residents receive the resident rate.

Proof of residency may be required if you selected the resident rate. Please note: Only those who live within the Municipal limits of the Village will qualify for the Resident rate. Surrounding townships in the Seville ZIP code do not qualify for the resident rate. (If you selected the resident rate in error you will still be required to pay the non-resident rate to be considered paid-in-full).

In order for a reservation to be approved we will:

  • Check for any scheduling discrepancies
  • Verify payment for the reservation has been paid in full

After reviewed a member of our team will respond to you via email or phone.

General Information

  • Alcohol is prohibited 
  • Park hours are 6 AM – Dusk
  • Requests must be made in the same calendar year as the reservation
  • The restroom attached to Lions Pavilion is NO LONGER available.
  • Both an approved request and payment in full are required to ensure exclusive use of the pavilion.
  • Reservations are only for the pavilion, the rest of the park is still available for public use.
  • Still have questions?  Call us at 330-769-4146 Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) between 8 AM –  4 PM.

How do I request a reservation?

Interested in reserving a pavilion? Please review the Pavilion Reservation guidelines and the Park Rules & Regulations. Click below to open the documents for review.


Pick a pavilion


Check the calendar for availability. Please note: The calendar does not guarantee availability as it does not update in real-time. It is meant as a general overview.

Submit Request

Submit the booking form.


Submit payment.

Pavilions at cy hewit Park

54 Liberty Street,  Seville, OH 44273

Cy Hewit Park has five (5) pavilions available for reservation as shown on the map below.  

Lions Pavilon

Armstrong Pavilion

Veteran's Pavilion

Ivan Reed Pavilion

This pavilion is located deep in the park overlooking a pond.  

Tisher Pavilion


This pavilion is located on the southern side of the park across a bridge by two (2) ball fields.

leohr Park Pavilion

99 High Street, Seville, OH 44273

Leohr Pavilion

This pavilion is a short walk from the parking lot overlooking the pond.

Maria Stanhope Park

77 West Main Street, Seville, OH 44273

Maria Stanhope Gazebo

This gazebo is located close to downtown, commonly used for weddings and farmer’s markets.   There is a swingset onsite as well.

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